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  • "The Grand Tour is a crucial episode in the grain of Western culture. This wonderful book juxtaposes the ancient traveling to Italy with the modern phenomenon of Italian-themed resorts in Las Vegas, while the splendid photographs by federico Zignani visually evoke new and old landscapes of desire." Harold Bloom Literary Critic and Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University
    Harold Bloom
  • " Understanding Architecture also means understanding the context in which it came into being. American Art Deco is a planet (on which Flash Gordon lived). Rediscovering the people of this planet, from tap dancing to Carole Lombard to Philip Marlowe, is as just exciting as rediscovering its splendid skyscrapers." Umberto Eco Italian novelist, literary critic, semiotician, and professor at the University of Bologna, Italy  
    Umberto Eco
  • " Opera Progetto Volume 2 takes an in depth look at Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles : interviews with Gehry and the client; essays on the buildings, the city, and technology: and loads of photos, models, sketches, and hard-line drawings (the last are beautifully presented on gatefolds in black on silver, like the cover). Most helpful in understanding the building is "The Work" chapter, which breaks down each volume of the building and walks through them with photos, wall sections, and construction photos revealing what's happening behind the flowing metal skin." John Hill Architect
    John Hill
  • " Dreaming of Italy is a visually enchanting and thought-provoking book conceived by Italian scholar Giovanna Franci, an astute observer of the American cultural scene - and illustrated by the architectural photography virtuoso Federico Zignani. It is a courageous departure from the traditional aesthetics and an open-minded invitation to explore the new concept of authenticity." Nathan Shapira Design scholar, curator and critic UCLA
    Nathan Shapira
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